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假定你是李华,在一位名叫TigerMom的学生家长的博客上,你看到以下内容。 请你根据博客内容,写作要点和要求,给这位家长回复。

I’m the mother of a fourteen-year –old . I have a rule for my daughter :be among the top of 5 students or get punished in one way or another . She has been doing very well in school ,but some of my friends keep telling me that I put too much pressure on her .Am I wrong ?

写作要点:1. 表明自己的看法 2. 陈述自己的理由 3.提出至少2条建议。

范文: Hi, TigerMom ,

What puzzles you is actually a puzzle for many parents in China . My idea is that it is quite right for you to do so .

Although high grades are an important factor in evaluating students and for their future university admission , development in wisdom emotion ,health and life attitude should never be ignored . There are many examples around us . Some all—A students in school have turned out not to be as successful in society as they were expected. The reason is often that the pressure from their parents allows them almost no time for other activities . Furthermore , punishment is by no means a wise choice to help them grow up mentally and physically .

So I suggest that you take your friends’ advice . More importantly, let her live like a lovely girl ; let her have more friends and social activities ; and let her make mistakes of her own as we teenagers often do .


Sky blue, white clouds, there is a lake, the lake side, there are several willow willow girl gently stroked the lake brother's cheek. From a few bird crow, originally is the orioles singing in the willows; In the distance, several egrets fly in the blue sky. 'as du fu "two oriole sound cui willow, a line of egrets on the sky." Ah! What a beautiful artistic conception! Now most people aspire to the living environment, but with the development of the industry, a large number of harmful gas and industrial wastewater discharge, make the earth's temperature, water pollution. Plus deforestation, forest is less and less, and the earth mother in tears every day, so we're going to action, and low carbon environmental protection together, let the earth mother no longer cry, to return to the beautiful youth.

NO. 1 - don't be lazy, blindly now people's environmental protection consciousness enhancement, everywhere the bin in the street, as long as more than a few steps you can see it so don't be lazy oh! Do this, move the brain, and also note the rubbish to see garbage is recycled or not in his hand, and then throw. Don't see someone is thrown on the ground, throw myself, don't learn others, should be timely dissuade him (her).

NO. 2 - to save water, protection of water resources is well known, "water is the source of life". The water on the earth is very rich, but it can directly for people to drink fresh water accounts for less than 1%, the rest of the 99% water, so we have to economize on water. On the basis of this, but also reduce the discharge of industrial and living sewage.

NO. 3, energy conservation and emissions reduction, low carbon life

We should pay attention to energy saving, solar terms, fuel-efficient, start from the intravenous drip, as far as possible to reduce electricity, oil, gas, reduce the use of disposable supplies, go out, in their own cars less as far as possible by bus, reduce the discharge of domestic water and garbage. We must learn to energy conservation and emissions reduction, low carbon life.

NO. 4 - trees

The "lungs of the earth, the forest is one of nature's temperature regulator. Forests absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and release a large amount of oxygen, maintaining the carbon - oxygen balance of nature, thus purify air environment, make us breathe fresh air, so we want to afforestation more, make the earth green.

Low carbon environmental protection is every citizen to do your own thing, left everyone's participation and support, and low-carbon environmental protection is meaningless. Let's erase carbon footprint will low carbon environmental protection, let us hand in hand into the low carbon era.










假定你是李华,将于今年七月从新星外语学校毕业。你从报纸上得知B&B公司要招聘一名英文秘书,你很感兴趣。请给该公司写一封信,1.年龄 2.学习情况和英文水平 3.兴趣特长 4.性格特点


Dear Sir /Madam ,

I learned from the newspaper that your company needs an English secretary . I’m really interested in this position and hope I can work for you.

I’m 18 years old and will be graduating from xinxing Foreign Languages School this July. I’m an excellent student ,among the top 5 in my class of 50 students. I’m good at English , especially spoken English .I often use the computer and I type very fast . In my spare time ,I read a lot . Poems are my favorite . I enjoy music very much too. Being an active young person , I like sports and outdoor activities . Besides , I ‘m easy to get along well with and I like to make friends .

I’m looking forward to your reply .

Sincerely yours,

Li hua

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